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    New York Oud Inspired Metropolis TPC - 27

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    New York Oud Inspired Metropolis TPC - 27

    Metropolis TPC - 27 Inspired by New York Oud-TomFord

    Introducing Metropolis TPC - 27, a fragrance inspired by the vibrant allure of New York Oud-Tom Ford. If you're someone who loves scents that encapsulate the bustling energy of a city that never sleeps, this is for you. It's like a touch of urban sophistication that captures the essence of New York.

    Top: Citruses, Oud
    Middle: Spices, Florals

    Base: Woods, Musk

    Experience the dynamism of Metropolis TPC - 27, capturing the spirit of New York Oud-Tom Ford. Get ready to embrace the captivating essence of a city adventure. Order now and immerse yourself in its cosmopolitan allure. 🏙️🌟



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