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    Our Story

    Introducing " operated by Keen Agencies," where we revolutionize the fragrance industry to enhance your fragrance experience and provide you with a range of luxurious scents, regardless of your budget.

    We have crafted exquisite alternatives to overpriced luxury fragrances, eliminating the unnecessary 'Brand Tax' that consumers have grown accustomed to paying.

    By discarding marketing gimmicks, celebrity endorsements, and inconspicuous brand names, we have focused on delivering a pure fragrance experience. Inside each box, you will discover a scent inspired by some of the world's most iconic fragrances, meticulously created using the finest clean, sustainable, and ethically sourced ingredients.

    We prioritize low environmental impact, sustainability, and social responsibility.

    At "The Perfume Craft," all our fragrances are vegan, cruelty-free, and crafted with 100% clean ingredients.

    We believe in transparency and integrity in every aspect of our production.

    With our affordable prices, we invite you to indulge in your favorite fragrance without any limitations. Experience the essence of luxury, reimagined by ""